After a fruitless search for a suitable product to help me make better use of my wardrobe space, I set about designing and producing my own solution. My work resulted in the invention of Loopyloops® in 2010.

Loopyloops® are a new, fun, colourful, practical and innovative way to resolve the common problem of wardrobe congestion! Loopyloops® can vastly improve the use of the vertical space within your wardrobe, freeing up valuable room on the hanging rail.

Everyone can benefit from using Loopyloops®.

Loopyloops® are primarily space savers, but if required they also make it very simple to organise your clothes in a way that suits you, for example by colour, by product or by outfit.

Simply put, Loopyloops® are small attractive loops of beaded leather that allow you to connect a number of clothes hangers together in a clothes chain and make efficient use of the vertical space within your wardrobe.Loopyloops are all handmade by me using leather and a variety of 15mm wooden beads so they are environmentally friendly and recyclable. They are beautifully presented in a range of styles and colours and make excellent practical, unique pretty gifts and stocking fillers at a very realistic price (£5.99 for a set of 10 Loopyloops®).

Everyone can benefit from using Loopyloops® and they are particularly useful anywhere where there is limited hanging space i.e caravans, boats and motor homes.